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The Digital Ninja Tutorial Series :
Illustrate Like a Pro : Female Anatomy !
Part 2 : Female Body Structure

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Ok, In todays tutorial I am going to show
you guys and gals the basics on the female
torso and body structure. Alot of people have
misconceptions when drawing the female and
believe the only way to illustrate them is with
superlarge appendages ( you know what I mean ^_-).
But its not the size that matters. It's drawing the
body correctly.

Required Ninja Gear:
Materials you will need for this tutorial.

1. A Pencil and Eraser (WOooHoo a cheap tutorial !)

Intro : Remember, the female form is delicate! I can't
stress this enough! I am not trying to say your character
can't kick butt just because she is a girl. But you probably
won't see huge rippling muscles on her either, so lets
keep it simple shall we. The female structure has curves and
contours, it is not rigid like a males body shape. So learn to draw
a smooth line and the form will take shape alot simpler.

Sections :
1. Body Shape ( The hour glass )
2. Contouring the female shape
3. The Chest and torso
4. The Chest ( support )

Step 1. Body Shape ( The hour glass )

Alot of people like to refer to the female's shape as an hour glass.
The reasoning behind this is simple. A females upper and lower
part of the torso is wider than a man's. You want to keep in mind
that this has a great effect on the over all shape of a females mid-section.

The size of your female will vary greatly on body type, whether it
be :

Veluptious (larger size in the upper and lower part of the midesection) ,

Athletic ( thinner size in the upper and lower part of the midesection , but much more defined )

Nonactive ( Ranges inbetween veluptious and athletic).

You want to keep in mind what type of character you are drawing when planning out the female form.

Some things to remember :

I recommend drawing out the contour
line shape first so you can measure the
size and shape and balance it out with the
head and the rest of the body.

Remember the curve of the body is key to the
feminine look.

Now lets move on to " Contouring the female shape "

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